We're an interior design firm serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2017. We believe in approachable, lived-in, luxury designs that are rooted in warm, textural and cohesive beauty. We prioritize high quality functionality, flow & style infusing sophistication and timeless features into our design approach. 

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Founded in 2017 by Kaitlynn Mitchell, KMDC is a multidisciplinary design firm based in the Greater Toronto Area offering complete residential renovation and design services. We are best known for our clean, contemporary style that bring spaces to life with a light, bright and collected aesthetic. We pride ourselves in both our quality designs as well as our skilled project management processes. We value the connections we build with our clients and strive to create an easy and light-hearted experience for our clients.  Creating livable spaces that blend comfort, style and harmony is not always an easy task. It's our goal to ensure that your space isn't only aesthetically pleasing but functional too and most importantly - a reflection of you.

clean, contemporary style & a light-hearted approach

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Kaitlynn is the Principal Designer & Owner of KMDC.  She is the mom of two beautiful little souls, wife to her childhood best friend, aspiring DIYer and a wannabe green thumb. Fitting all of the Canadian stereotypes, she apologizes way too much and says ‘eh’ way too often. 

Kaitlynn established KMDC in 2017 after taking up interior decorating for friends as a hobby while on maternity leave with her son. Playing with colour and textures, layering patterns and sourcing furniture felt like fun and the fulfillment of bringing spaces together didn’t feel like work at all. 

Her passion for design and the motivation for starting the business took off after the birth of her daughter when the craving for a proper life/work balance really set in. KMDC humble beginnings as a part time passion project quickly turned into a full fledged interior design firm. 

Kaitlynn is best known for her clean, contemporary style and bringing her designs to life by infusing spaces with a light, bright and collected aesthetic. She has earned a reputation for being easy to work with and is incredibly skilled in creative problem solving and paying attention to all the little details. 

Creating livable spaces that blend comfort, style and harmony is not always an easy task. It is Kaitlynn’s goal - and the goal of the whole KMDC team to ensure that our spaces are not only beautiful but most importantly, a true reflection of you.

Owner & principal designer

Kaitlynn Mitchell

Jessica brings a wealth of experience to our team as our freelance interior stylist. Since 2020, she has pursued her passion for decorating and merchandising in the form of home staging, design and styling.

With a focus on natural materials, colourful textiles and earthy textures, her work takes on a variety styling aesthetics. Her client first approach brings together each client's own unique style, interests and needs through purposeful styling and décor.

Jessica and her talents are the reason why install day is all smiles at KMDC! Her styling work is what gets us all so excited for project reveals!

Jessica Frendo-Jones


interior stylist

Maheen is a freelance Interior Designer that has been an integral part of the KMDC team since 2020. Maheen has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and majored in Interior Design.

Over the last couple of years Maheen has found her passion in working with 3D visualization and creating realistic 3D renderings that help guide all of our clients through a realistic look into their spaces.

Her use of texture, lighting & dimension is a true art and visual gift that we're proud to include our design presentations for each of our clients.

Her technical experience, creativity and eye for design is a huge asset to our team and our clients.

Maheen Daud

freelance interior designer

Nicky graduated from IDI in 2020 and joined the KMDC team in 2022. She brings creative ideas and knowledge to all our projects by contributing to the coordination, sourcing and layout designs for our clients.

Nicky's design style is inspired by neutral colour palettes and organic textures. She enjoys creating a bold statement in your home that keeps things fun and interesting.

Nicky takes pride in creating lasting connections with our clients and nothing excites her more than bringing their visions to life! Giving our clients a home that they can be proud of, one that truly represents who they are and that tells the story they want to tell is one of Nicky's favourite things.

Nicole Patrick

senior designer


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