And so it begins…

Mar 28, 2017

Hi, my name is Kaitlynn and I’d like to welcome you to my blog! Since you’ve made it this far I thought what better way to welcome you then to introduce myself by giving you a little background on who I am and what you can expect from following me.

I am a working mama to two beautiful, amazing and lovely young babies, a wife to an incredible husband and anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love, love, LOVE design! As a little girl my parents renovated a TON of homes and while all my friends were enjoying playing on the street, I was having fun looking at floor plans, choosing colour palettes and picking out new bedding and decor pieces. As a young teen I would read my parents home and garden coffee table books over choosing the newest “Bop” magazine. Am I aging myself? Please tell me you remember “Bop”! Long of the short is I have always been very interested in all things design but like most of us, life happened and I never thought I could actually pursue my dreams and make a career out of this passion… Until I did!!

After giving birth to my second babe I decided to enrol in school and take my time finishing a one year interior design program. Taking my time at anything has just never been my style so full throttle I went and after a few months I graduated from The Interior Design Institute and was on my way to fulfilling my dreams. I mean hey, what better time to take on an entirely new career then when I had a 2 year old little boy going on 15, a new baby who didn’t sleep well and fed hourly, a husband who travelled for work and I hadn’t slept in months. Working moms can I get an Amen?

I truly believe that there is no “right time” to make the decision to follow your dreams. You just do it because its what you love. The courage to take this chance and dedicate yourself to your passion in life is what makes you successful and if ever a time to realize the importance of doing what you love, having children has really heightened my awareness to this.

And so it begins. A new adventure and exciting possibilities await. My goal for this blog is to share my journey as a working mama and professional designer with everyone. A place to connect, sharing advice, tips, product reviews and photo’s where you can find ideas and inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this experience with me. Your support is truly appreciated. Till next time!